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Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City


Water Damage Restoration

Don't walk into the deep end of water damage alone!  

Let our experts help you battle the waves of crisis and float your boat back to shore so you can focus on the important things in your day.

Why spend your evening sucking up musty water when you could be getting back to your favorite tv show or let's be honest...the latest FaceBook feed.  

Don't worry, we've got you covered, just pick up the phone and give us a call!  

Or while you're FaceBooking, click on over and send us a message.  

We typically reply fast and we offer an extended availabilty including weekends.  

What's stopping you, pick up the phone and call today.  

You have nothing to lose but the stress!

Water Restoration & Extraction

Is your basement filled with water?  

Did your sprinklers freeze and rain down on your office?  

Never fear, we're here to help! JT's Carpet Cleaning offers water damage restoration services.

Just need a room dried out?  

We have a package for that, check out our basic restoration package below.  

Have a complex job and need professional help?  Check out our advanced water damage restoration package below.  

No matter which package you choose, included is free delivery and pickup of drying equipment and the same great service and attention to detail Kansas City has come to expect from JT's Carpet Cleaning.

Water Damage Restoration Packages

Our water restoration service features two packages, basic and advanced.

Basic Water Damage Restoration

The basic package offers drying equipment rental only.  

De-humidifiers rent at $100.00 per day, while carpet dryers rent at $25.00 per day.  

These de-humidifers and carpet dryers are commercial grade and meant to handle even the toughest jobs.  

This is the equipment professionals use after an apartment building is damaged by leaking roofs, flooded bathrooms, flooded basements.  

This package is best suited to small areas of water damage that has been caught and stopped quickly.  

Water damage that has been left for a longer period of time or covers a larger area is best left to the experts with our advanced restoration package.

Advanced Water Damage Restoration

Our advanced package includes having us extract the water, remove any water damaged materials, and drying out the affected area with de-humidifiers and carpet dryers.  

We also use products that remove and kill mold, allergens, etc. that have formed in the moist environment.  

Carpet and fabrics in particular are susceptible to rug rot and mold spores, when you book us for an advanced package, we use a combination of steam, suction, and mold/mildew blocking agents to stop and remove further damage.  

These methods are the same ones approved by your insurance company for work they are hired out on.

In some cases we can actually save you money by booking us directly as our pricing is affordable and sometimes cheaper than the deductible required by your insurance company.  

We offer a free online estimate page and encourage you to submit pictures with any estimate requests as they help us offer you the most accurate price quote.  

Don't be afraid to call us for those unique jobs too.  

We've removed a hot tub, removed and re-built a wall required to perform the job, and many other unique services.  

We are a family owned company and don't answer to pressure from shareholders or corporate executives.  

We answer the call of our customers to provide the best service possible and leave you with the peace of mind knowing the job was done right the first time when we walk out the door.  

Professional Damage Restoration

Have a question about something regarding your floors or water damaged materials?  

Ask us, with over 58 years of experience between our technicians, we have seen almost every scenario.  

If we don't know the answer, we have great resources to find out.  

We employ technicians certified by the IICRC, an industry standard with carpet cleaning methods.  

These technicians know what to use on the materials in your home and how to use them, particularly your expensive rugs and carpet or upholstry.  

JT's Carpet Cleaning is also fully insured and licensed so your home is in good hands with us.  

Is your building also suffering from fire and smoke damage?  

We may be able to help with that too.  Check out our blast cleaning services!

Curious about what an IICRC certification entails?  

Check out the Carpet Cleaning Institute of America to learn more.  

We're professionals and take the restoration of your home seriously from start to finish.  

We look forward to helping you remove your flood crisis from your day so you can get back to the important things, like dinner with the family!

Give us a call today and let us help you save your home's furnishings before the water causes permanent damage.

Complications like rug-rot can set in quickly, so time is of the essence when handling water damage!  

Let our experts help you get your building back to business as usual fast!

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