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Power Washing in Kansas City


Power Washing Before and After

Why do I need a power washing service?

Power washing for businesses

Image is a powerful thing.  

Images inspire us every day which products to buy on tv, which gas station to purchase from, which apartment to rent, which television show to watch, even where we choose to eat.  

It stands to reason that the outer appearance of your building holds a key influence on customer perceptions.  

While your building may not be as famous as a certain tower in Chicago, it does hold the focal point of your local customers.  

A poorly maintained building often reflects an attitude of neglect, and thus could cost you customers before they ever walk in the door.  

Unfortunately, mother nature can be very tough on most building materials.  

Common problems include smoke or pollutant stains, mildew, mold, or moss growing, and just plain dirt and grime build up from a variety of materials.  

Luckily, outside surfaces can often be washed of this build up.  

This is where a power washing service comes in handy.  

A professional cleaning company like JT's Carpet Cleaning offers the best chance of removing these stains on your company's spotless customer image.  

While a business owner could take this task on, it could become a poor waste of time as consumer grade power washers are often low powered for the safety of the average consumer.  

Our expert power washing technicians have the knowledge and more powerful equipment to do the job safely and efficiently, allowing you more time to focus on growing your customers, growing your brand.  

Our featured video on YouTube shows a unique commercial power washing job JT's Carpet Cleaning was asked to do recently.  

JT's Carpet Cleaning also offers a dry ice blasting service.  

This service could be particularly useful for a business that has suffered from graffiiti that no amount of scrubbing or power washing has been able to remove.  

Power washing for residential

Are you tired of staring at the moss growing up the wall of your house?  

Is that ugly rust stain in your drive way driving you insane and making your home an eye sore on the street?  

Are you looking to sell your home soon, but dread the task of trying to clean years of grime off the outside of the building?  

Then JT's Carpet Cleaning has the power washing solution for you!  

Our technicians have performed a variety of cleaning services in their 58 years of combined cleaning experience and we are licensed and insured so you can trust your home is in good hands.  

We will perform a quick site survey, discuss power washing options for your home, and give you a free price quote for the work desired.  

Have you booked us and suddenly realize you'd like to add the front walk to the list of items to be power washed?  

Not a problem, our add-on services are priced competitively and our technicians are happy to help you get your home looking its best.  

As a family owned company, we understand the challenges of daily life and how stressful trying to prep a home for sale can be after a long day of work.  

In addition to our outside services, we offer a variety of inside services and offer full move-in/move-out cleaning packages.  

We can power wash decades of grime from your garage or basement, or even do a detailed window cleaning on your home to give it the best sparkle for potential buyers.  

We don't just do power washing, we are a full service cleaning company and offer many unique services with the equipment and experience to back up our work.  

What is the difference between my home power washer and your equipment?

One of the biggest advantages of our equipment is the ability to use heated water, and increased pressure over consumer grade pressure washers.  

While a typical consumer pressure washer may offer up to 2,200 PSI, we have equipment that can be adjust beyond 4,000 to knock off the most stubborn of stains.  

We also have a full line of products and solutions to remove specific stains that might not come off with water pressure alone.  

Pollutant stains can be some of the most difficult stains to remove from surfaces, even with very high water pressures.  

Our cleaning solutions allow us to remove these surface stains better than the average consumer could.  

We also have solutions that work well for removing unsightly rust stains on concrete from a leaking dumpster or other similar eye sores.  

How do I get a quote for pressure washing?

Easy, just call (913) 221-2653 or visit our online estimate page for a free quote today.  

One of our expert cleaning technicians will assess the job to be done, advise you of the results we expect to achieve on the surfaces to be cleaned, and quote a price for the work to be performed.  

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