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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning in Kansas City


Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Team

What is dry ice blasting?

Dry ice blasting uses a variety of sizes of dry ice pellets, beads, or grains to blast away contamination or dirt from the surface of the item being cleaned.  

Results typically look similar to those using a high pressure power washing machine, except dry ice blasting can be used on equipment where liquid cleaners could cause problems.  

Robotics, electric motors, books, tools, commercial machinery, are all items dry ice blasting is safe to use on.  
This blast media goes straight from a solid to a gas elminating dry times and removing the chance for electronics to short out.  

An added bonus is the lack of a secondary waste stream while cleaning.  

Dry ice simply sublimates from solid to gas, leaving no residue behind but the grime that has been blasted off the surface.  

This method is so gentle it can remove smoke from books without damaging them, while jobs as sticky as tar on construction equipment are no match for the dry ice blasting machines.  

This unique blast media allows a variety of applications and is even commonly used among aviation companies.  

What Can Ice Blasting do for me?

Our blast cleaning services are perfect for those industrial cleanings and yearly maintenance jobs.

We can remove the debris from your machines without damaging, without a secondary waste stream, and without the typical cool down periods required with other cleaning methods.  

Dry ice blasting is a non-conductive, non-liquid cleaning process that allows us to clean everything from electric motor components, to robotic arms, to smoke damaged books without harming the item being cleaned.  

While this method is gentle for sensitive equipment, we can also adjust the pressure to remove much tougher messes like carbon buildup on commercial food processing equipment or the sticky oil residue left behind by many pieces of large industrial equipment.   

Do you need smoke and fire restoration to remove the smoke odor and revitalize things in your home that suffered light smoke damage?

We have a solution for you.  

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