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Carpet Cleaning in Kansas City

Country Club Carpet Cleaning Before and After

Janitorial Carpet Cleaning Services

Includes pre-spotting, cleaning, deodorizing, and steaming
  2 rooms and a hallway $109 (normally a $120 value!)
 4 rooms or its equivalent $138 (normally a $160 value!)

Basic Carpet Cleaning Package

Our technicians take the time to pre-spray the carpets, use spotting agents and agitate soil to the surface, then use steam and suction to remove soil and rinse your home's carpets free of residue.  

The drying process typically takes only a few hours depending on how thick the carpets are and how heavily soiled.  

For those interested in a faster drying time or for removal of more difficult stains, please check out our premium Diamond Carpet Cleaning package below!  

JT's Carpet Cleaning uses only soft water for our cleaning process to leave your carpets free of the mineral residue home carpet cleaners and competitors leave behind.  

You will not only see the difference but also feel the difference in your carpets when we're done refreshing them.  

An added benefit of our process is our cleaning won't leave mineral stains or detergent residue behind on your furniture either.  

When we clean it the fabrics will look fresh and revitalized!

Diamond Carpet Cleaning Package

In our premium diamond carpet cleaning package, we follow the basic package steps with a few additional ones to speed up the process or remove more stubborn stains.

This package includes pre-spraying, agitation of carpet to bring dirt to the surface, suction to remove the dirt, an additional rinse cycle, carpet grooming, and use of high powered drying equipment to speed up the drying process.  

In some cases carpets may be dry when we walk out the door with this package which is perfect for those occasions where you need the carpet dry before receiving guests later in the day.  

As each carpet cleaning job is unique for these services please call for a free estimate and pricing details.

Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning
Chairs $39-$55
Love seat $44-$66
Couch $72-$88
Sectionals $110-$165

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