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Car Interior Detailing in Kansas City

Car Detailing

Car Interior Detailing

Classic ride, or latest in luxury, we've got your car interior detailing needs covered.  JT's Carpet Cleaning has some of the most powerful equipment on the market to blow away the competition.  Have a stubborn soda stain in the back seat from the kids?  Greasy spot from a smashed french fry?  Odor from a spilled milkshake?  JT's has you covered with our signature interior detailing packages.  We use the same great processes that have worked flawlessly in your home for over 30 years, but with products and equipment perfectly suited for the materials in your auto's interior.  We're experts in removing stains from your house, now let us work on your cars so you can enjoy that Sunday drive without the funky smells.

classic car interior detailing
Car Interior Detailing 1
Car Interior Detailing 2
Car Interior Detailing Before and After
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